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Brochure Distribution in Cambodia
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What we do ...

Insite Marketing Cambodia aims at creating the largest brochure distribution network in Cambodia. We place custom-design brochure displays in key locations around the various cities of Cambodia, as of today we are in the following key-locations in Phnom Penh.



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A brochure sells best

They come of all sorts of shape & size, but they have the real advantage of presenting your product or service in way that best fit you. You have more space to show details and selling arguments. You can put more images, graphs or illustrations than you standard newpaper advert.
Moreover, people can actually take you with them, for a more thorough reading or to keep your contact details.


Any proper business should have a brochure !

Marketing effectiveness

We can accompany you with your marketing campaigns. If you have a special events or a great promotion, we can place that new brochure on our display rack network within a few days.
We can also join that promotion with an email campaign.